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If you ever see a lawn and are simply amazed by how thick and healthy the turf is, you can bet that lawn gets aerated and seeded on a regular basis.

Healthy Lawns Get Aerated

The benefit of aerating your lawn is that it decreases soil compaction.  Rainfall and gravity are always slowly and consistently compressing your lawn’s soil!  To combat this, all you need to do is have your lawn aerated.

After a lawn is aerated water and nutrients and more easily travel down to the root layer, and will be able to soak deeper into the soil.  Your turf’s root system will more easily be able to expand in the de-compacted soil and will travel deeper into the soil to reach the water and nutrients beneath.

The appearance of your lawn on top is a direct reflection of the health and size of its root system below.

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Proper Watering Is Essential For New Grass Growth

We recommend watering after having an aeration performed whether you opt for overseeding at that time or not.  Your existing turf will also greatly benefit from proper watering after the aerating service.

Since aerating breaks up the soil surface it is also an ideal time to sow new grass seed in your existing lawn.  This is referred to as ‘overseeding.’

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We Seed New and Existing Lawns

New homes are popping up fast along Robinson Church Rd. in Charlotte.  We are honored to have the opportunity to care for so many of these new homes being built in our service area.  Whether your home is new or old, we’d love to perform your aeration and seeding service.

You should consider also having your lawn overseeded after an aeration if your lawn has thin or bare spots, or has more weeds mixed in with the turf than you would like.  Our aerating service is offered as a stand-alone service or can be performed before we overseed your lawn.

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Aerating and Overseeding Details

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We perform core aerations of lawns. Core aerated is the recommended aeration type to reduce soil compaction and encourage root growth. The core aeration machine we use is meticulously run across your lawn in overlapping passes to ensure full coverage.

Aerating alone is a very beneficial service for your turf. If you have thin or bare spots, or have a problem with weeds in your lawn, consider overseeding immediately after having your lawn aerated to thicken your turf.

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Aerating is considered the #1 thing you can do to improve the health of your lawn! If you love your lawn like we love our lawn, contact us so we can get you a quote and on our schedule quickly.

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5-Star Rated Lawn Aerating Service

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