Charlotte NC Service Areas

Lawn Service Area: Charlotte, NC ZIP Codes 28227 and 28215

Green Touch Lawn Care is a small business located in Charlotte, NC.  Our service area includes Charlotte ZIP Codes 28227 and 28215, along with Mint Hill, Allen, and Wildwoods, NC.

If your property is in close proximately to either Charlotte of those ZIP Codes or cities mentioned, we more than likely can provide you with our services.

Learn more about the neighborhoods we serve in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Allen, and Wildwoods.

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Hire local and rest assured your service will be performed just as you would have done it yourself, and honestly, hopefully, a little better!  We are lawn and landscape professionals after all!

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Local Neighborhoods We Already Service

We are looking to get into your neighborhood too!  Contact us if you do not see your neighborhood listed!

Lawn Services in Charlotte, NC

Neighbors We Service in Charlotte

Charlotte is a big city!  Our small local business services the parts of Charlotte nearest to us. 

Some of the neighborhoods in our service area include:

Becton Park, Charlotte
Bradfield Farms, Charlotte
Eastland – Wilora Lake, Charlotte
Eastway, Charlotte
Farm Pond, Charlotte
Hickory Grove, Charlotte
Hickory Ridge, Charlotte
Highland Creek, Charlotte
Idelwile Brooke, Charlotte
Idlewild Farms, Charlotte
Idlewild South, Charlotte
Marlwood, Charlotte
Marshbrooke, Charlotte
Oak Forest, Charlotte
Silverwood, Charlotte

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Neighborhoods We Service in Mint Hill

Mint Hill is very close to our location in Charlotte making it an ideal city for us to offer our lawn and landscape services.

If your home or business is located in Mint Hill and you are in need of a lawn service, we would love to speak with you!

Apple Creek, Mint Hill
Wilson Wood, Mint Hill
Wilgrove, Mint Hill
Wyndemere Crossing, Mint Hill

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Lawn Services in Mint Hill, NC

Lawn Services in Allen, NC

Allen, North Carolina

Allen is just a short drive up Blair Rd. from Mint Hill making it another ideal location for us to perform our lawn and landscape services.

We do a lot of lawn mowing and leaf removal in Allen, NC.  We’d love to add your lawn to our schedule for service!

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Wildwoods, North Carolina

Wildwoods is tucked neatly between Charlotte and Mint Hill.

We love servicing our clients in Wildwoods and would be more than happy to add your lawn or landscape to our schedule.

All of our services are popular in Wildwoods from mowing to mulching and everything in between.

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Lawn Services in Wildwoods, NC